APPROXIMATELY $25,800.00, Appellant v. THE STATE OF TEXAS, Appellee.

No. 01-07-01093-CVCourt of Appeals of Texas, First District, Houston.
Opinion issued April 10, 2008.

On Appeal from the 164TH Court, Harris County, Texas, Trial Court Cause No. 2006-53380.

Panel consists of Justices TAFT, KEYES, and ALCALA.


Appellant, Approximately $25,800.00, has neither established indigence, nor paid all the required fees. See Tex. R. App. P. 5 (requiring payment of fees in civil cases unless indigent), 20.1 (listing requirements for establishing indigence); see also Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. §§ 51.207 (Vernon 2005), 51.208 (Vernon Supp. 2007); 51.941(a) (Vernon 2005), 101.041 (Vernon Supp. 2007) (listing fees in court of appeals); Fees Civ. Cases B(1), (3) (listing fees in court of appeals). After being notified that this appeal was subject to dismissal, appellant, Approximately

$25,800.00, did not adequately respond. See Tex. R. App. P. 5 (allowing enforcement of rule); 42.3(c) (allowing involuntary dismissal of case).

We dismiss the appeal for nonpayment of all required fees. We deny all pending motions.